Rachel is an agile transformation specialist working with individuals, teams and leaders who seek to become more effective.

Organisations in the 21st century operate in complex, changing, uncertain, volatile and often ambiguous environments. To stay current and remain competitive organisations need an environment and a workforce that is responsive. One that can quickly adapt to emerging needs. People need the support, skills and abilities to respond to changing demands. Agile is the catalyst for meeting such demands.


Agile though is a much used and often misunderstood term. Just because the term is spoken doesn’t mean an organisation will be agile. Being agile is at its core a mindset. Rachel helps teams cultivate an agile mindset and become self-organising.

Agile transformation is a journey with rich benefits. Starting well helps make the most of the journey with all the excitement and rewards that come with discovery and learning.

Now in its 14th year, the 2020 Version One State of Agile Survey shows the top five benefits of adopting agile are:

  • Ability to manage changing priorities

  • Project visibility

  • Business/IT alignment

  • Delivery speed/time to market

  • Team morale

If you want to leverage the benefits of agile contact Rachel for a confidential conversation.

Here are some of the questions clients ask:

  • What is agile?

  • What operating model will help us respond to change?

  • How can we scale?

  • How can you help us navigate our way through our current challenges?

  • How can we create an environment that our people love to work in?

  • What skills do our people need to be effective in this environment?

  • How can we work more effectively with what we have?

  • What do other companies do and how have they implemented agile?

Building agile capability