Agile Coach

Bring out the best in teams

This transformational 3-day workshop focuses on the self-awareness and self-management needed to bring out the best in teams. It is ideally suited to aspiring Agile Coaches, Scrum Masters, Agile Project Managers, analysts and agile team members who are ready to serve their teams and organisations as role models of agile values and principles. 


This course sets you on the course of Coaching mastery and is one of the prerequisites for achieving the ICAgile Expert Coach certification (ICE-AC). Participants will leverage their deep understanding of Agile principles and values to learn the skills and techniques needed to bring out the best in teams. During the workshop participants will explore:

  • The different hats of the Agile Coach and when to use them (teacher, mentor, coach, facilitator)

  • Listening skills and learn how to use powerful questions to open up possibilities people hadn’t realised before.

  • The art of helping a team deal with conflict in a healthy way.

  • Team culture and relationships and how to start up a new team or take a team through a reset.

  • Environmental influences by looking at the Integral Agile Team Health Map.

  • Your own coaching stance.


At least 6 months hands on agile experience.

Delivery Options

  1. Face to face classroom off-site

  2. Face to face classroom at your training facility


To gain the most from the training a minimum of 6 people is required. This course is tailored to suit your needs, whether using your training facilities or offsite.

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