Agile Fundamentals

Understand the importance of "being agile" so your organisation can "do agile" well.

This foundational course is aligned with ICAgile's "Agile Fundamentals Track" and is the starting point for anyone embarking on their agile journey.

​Learning Objectives

Participants will understand:

  • the history of agile, the agile manifesto and the principles and values that underpin it

  • widely adopted methods and practices

  • key concepts, including value-driven development, adaptive planning, team collaboration and frequent feedback for continuous improvement.

This course is for those new to agile and for practitioners who recognise the need to focus on "being agile" so they can "do agile" well.



Delivery Options

  1. 2-day face to face classroom off-site

  2. 2-day private face to face classroom at your training facility


To gain the most from the training a minimum of 6 people is required. This course is offered on demand so please be in touch to book a session.

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