Do more for less

This is a common mantra passed around in organisations wanting to improve their bottom line. This article shows how Agile contributes to achieving this goal.

Focus on value

Focus on value

When adopting an Agile approach teams learn how to focus on what will give your customer the greatest value. Delivering valuable products or services rapidly increases your credibility and increases your customer's satisfaction. It also lets your customers know that you're listening to what they need. Providing value to your customers is essential if your organisation is to compete in a global market.

Shorten feedback loops

Getting feedback directly from customers saves time and money.

Before starting work on anything teams learn how to validate what your client expects. Assumptions are verbalised and checked for validity. This takes the guesswork out of creating something that may or may not meet your client's requirements. Teams learn how to balance design with pragmatism giving your customer sufficient data to make informed decisions.

Remain transparent

Transparency builds trust and credibility. When your customer knows you are doing your best work for their benefit they are more likely to engage you to solve other challenges that emerge.

When teams do their best work, customers can expect innovative solutions.

By focusing on value, shortening feedback loops and remaining transparent, companies find they can do more with less.

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