Strengthen Your Coaching Expertise

This Clinic is for Agile Coaches with more than 12 month's experience as an Agile Coach. Experience will include coaching multiple teams, from starting up teams to resetting teams. Participants will also hold ICAgile Certified Professional (ICP), Team Facilitation (ICP-ATF) and Agile Coaching (ICP-ACC) certifications. These competency strengthening workshops span two three-month Clinics with a check point at the end of each.


  • Experience facilitating team Agile ceremonies and meetings

  • Experience training teams in Agile - both 'being' and 'doing'

  • Experience mentoring individuals in an Agile context

  • Experience coaching individuals and teams in an Agile context


  • Understand ICAgile competency model

  • Build your experience log

  • Practice Coaching and Mentoring Arc

  • Practice Facilitation

  • Practice Training

  • Individual assessment of Coaching and Mentoring

  • Individual assessment of Training and Facilitation

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