Why adopt agile?

  • Accelerate software delivery

  • Enhance ability to manage changing priorities

  • Increase productivity

  • Improve business/IT alignment

What are the top three benefits of agile?

  • Ability to manage changing priorities

  • Project visibility

  • Business/IT alignment

  • Organisational culture at odds with agile values

  • General organisation resistance to change

  • Inadequate management support and sponsorship

  • Lack of skills/experience with agile methods

What stops an organisation from realising the benefits agile offers?

  • Customer/User satisfaction

  • Business value

  • On-time delivery

How is success measured...with agile initiatives?

How can an organisation increase the likelihood of success when adopting agile?

  • Develop and embed consistent processes and practices

  • Implement a common tool across teams

  • Engage agile consultants and trainers

What are the most common agile methods and practices used by organisations?

  • Scrum

  • Scrumban

  • Other/Hybrid/Multiple Methodologies

Source: VersionOne 14th State of Agile   Report 2020